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Wine 32bit Installation on Centos 7

This guide will teach you to Install Wine 32bit Wine 1.8 On Centos 7 Since version 7, RHEL has only x86-64 version. The same for CentOS 7. In CentOS 7/EPEL, there is only package for Wine x86-64. However, many Windows .exe files are 32bit. Even there are 64bit versions for some software, their installation file

Ubuntu on Windows 10

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update offers a big new feature for developers: A full, Ubuntu-based Bash shell that can run Linux software directly on Windows. This is made possibly by the new “Linux Subsystem for Windows” Microsoft is adding to Windows 10. If you’re using an Insider Preview build of Windows 10, you can now install

Samba4 AD DC pada centos 6

Dengan semakin matangnya dukungan Active Directory pada samba4, maka mimin kavalinux mencoba untuk melakukan instalasi samba4 untuk dijadikan AC DC Server. Percobaan dilakukan mengunakan mesin virtual yang telah di install dengan distro Centos versi 6.5, instalasi menggunakan mode basic server dengan tambahan paket development.