Perfect World 151 Development VM Image

Hello Perfect World Private Server Dev Team, I am really happy you use my Virtual Machine. Please bear in mind, you use this VM Only for development! Don’t use it for Production / Public Release! WHY? Don’t ask why? you are developer, mean you a pro one. So i think you know what i mean don’t use it for Production / Public Release!

I create this VM not for baby sitting you! This VM still full with BUG! ERROR! and any missing configuration. YOU NEED TO FIX IT BY YOURSELF! and NEVER! bother me with your stupid question. Seems i am so hard right? yes! i am so hard and very hard right now! 😀

Make sure you set VM Network as Host Only with Subnet IP: and Netmask: (See picture bellow) or you can use NAT if you like it.
Perfect World Development Network Setting 2
Perfect World Development Network Setting 1

Bellow a server details for you:

Common Details
Server IP address :
All Information You Need URL :
Please make sure you add hrace009151, hrace009151-patcher, hrace009151-registration pointing to at your localhost Windows
Wordpress Admin : hrace009
Wordpress Admin Password: hrace009

If you got message like this when login to WordPress Backend
Go to dirrectory


and remove google-captcha directory, then try login again to WordPress backend
Build in Widget Status Server
Build in Change Password
Build in Donate Page
Build in Register
Build in Reset Password

Build in GM Backend for account management

Shortcode Function for your registration page

Databases configuration

You need VMWare 12 to run this image, you can download it from VMWare Official Webiste
Serial Key:


Use 7zip to extract the archive
Download Link: Mediafire

Download Content

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