Perfect World Golden UI

Perfect World Golden UI 1.5.3 for 1.5.1

This file is original from 1.5.3 Perfect World International. I have fix some error and other thing that make client will crash, so in some future i keep it like old style to avoid client crash.

For surface, i change directory so we can know what files need to change.
You can use this UI for your private server, and it always free. but if you respect my work, please keep my name at bottom login screen and my website link on character bar.
I fix it with a lot of time and it really tired!
Otherwise if you don’t have brain and can only copy paste other people work, you can change it as you wish!

This UI has been test on my server, and it work without any error or client crash.
You can use PWI client or PW Indonesia client or whatever as long it Perfect World 1.5.1

Bellow a preview video to make sure it work:

Download Perfect World Golden UI

Download Link: hrace009 Personal Forum

PS: Do not PM me or ask me how to use it, use your brain!
This file is free, so any error you found you must fix it by your own!
And don’t bother me with your stupid question!