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Rumor: Is Perfect World Getting A UE4 Remake?

Perfect World may be getting a “Mastered Version” if the rumors are to be believed. Over the weekend, a post popped up on Reddit discussing leaked videos of the game’s reboot.

The post claims that the videos are of a game loosely titled “Perfect World Mastered Version” and that it will be a “fast-paced action combat game” made in Unreal Engine 4. Apparently, the game will utilize QTEs for combos and it will support game devices.

No other information is avilable on the game at this time, but you can get a peek at some leaked videos below. Keep in mind that since they’re leaks, they’re not the best quality. (And, no, I’m not sure why some of the characters heads are blurred out.)

Perfect World Remake

Yesterday, during the 10th year anniversary celebration of Perfect World, they did not only mention the upcoming expansion, which will be released on November 8, but interestingly they also shared their “big plans” on the game that will feature a heavily engine upgrade.

As a 10-year-old game, “Perfect World 2” will usher in a substantial upgrade on the game engine that is currently still in the preliminary stage of development. According to the plan, the developers in the future will focus on the new engine presenting a better and richer game world.

Interview by (rough translation) about Perfect World

Q: for the ongoing engine development, what should the players expect with the future PWI?
Wanmei: We are still in the early stage of the development of the engine. The new engine will be able to enhance space structure, lighting effects, detailed mapping, and other aspects of bringing the game into a better game visuals. We will be committed to creating a 3D picture double lens three-dimensional effect, so that the visuals will be more realistic and vivid.

The latest engine will be able to fully render the unique impact of destructible environment effects, the whole new 3D models, layer by layer rendering, glow effects, more dynamic character customization, and more. We spared no effort to build it to look more realistic. From the mountains to the forest, from towns to its surrounding structures, we will bring a new game visual experience for the players.

Q: as a classic game, “Perfect World”, will there be another projects on the same IP in the future?
Wanmei: In the present, the “Perfect World” IP is being made in various different versions in different platforms such as the mobile versions of Perfect World, as well as in film/television, music, etc.

Perfect World’s game content is very rich, the plot is ups and downs. As one the development team, we will continue to focus on the development of the new engine with the use the of cutting-edge technologies today, and try to apply them to the game.

Q: “Perfect World” has been running for 10 years now, what is the plan for the next ten years?
Wanmei: We hope to build a sustaining, long-term title, instead of remaking it. Our philosophy is to brand with the user’s growth and enhance the gaming experience, to more and more value, and more and more rich contents. On this basis, we hope that “Perfect World” along with the overall new developments, the 5 emperors, prior to the additional map expansion of the Perfect World’s main map (such as the Western Steppes, and Midlands, etc.), can be presented into the game in the future one by one.

In the next 10 years, our R & D team will pay more attention to the player’s gaming experience, so that players really enjoy the game, and fully experience the diversity of the game. At the same time, we will also focus on the cultural connotation of the game. We will continue to improve the game world, as well as to dig deep and expand the game content, making “Perfect World” perfect.


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