Superfast Theme - The Amazing Fastest Wordpress Theme

Superfast Theme The Fastest WordPress Theme

Superfast Theme, The Amazing Fastest WordPress Theme – is a theme for wordpress that is specifically created to optimize personal blogs. It has been used by over 1000 publishers and thousands of websites have proven it. And it was a high CTR adsense theme.

Feel the Speed of Superfast Theme, the fastest wordpress theme.

Made specifically to increase the speed of your website and optimize every use of the script. By default this theme only uses 1 jquery plugin.

High CTR ads place

Superfast theme use more than 9 ad spots, ranging from floating ads left, right, bottom, to ads in the middle of paragraphs that can maximize clicks on your ad. And it load with very fast, and we called it as the fastest wordpress theme.
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All ads can be deactivated, so you don’t need to worry about the policies of the ad provider.

Simple Anti Adblock

A publisher gets money from advertisements, if visitors install adblock, of course this is very detrimental to some publishers.

Don’t worry about that, Superfast also have an anti adblock, if there are visitors using adblock a notification overlay will appear to deactivate adblock, and visitors cannot see the site before deactivating it.
Superfast Theme - The Fastest WordPress Theme

Woocommerce Ready

Superfast theme already supports woocommerce. Not only blogs, but you can create a powerful online store with the help of a plugin from woocommerce.
Woocommerce Ready

Fully Search Engine Optimized

Ever heard of I don’t think there are too many themes that support The superfast theme supports it.
Full SEO Support
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Besides superfast has used SEO structure that is good for the placement of h1, h2 and h3.

Fast Loading

Superfast As the name implies is the fastest wordpress theme, the loading is fast. Access speed is very important so that your website is indexed quickly. Besides the speed of the website is also very preferred by search engines and of course your visitors. This is why it called the fastest wordpress theme.

Note that the website speed can be reduced if you install too many plugins and javascript.
Pagespeed Score

Breadcrumbs Rich Snippet

Superfast also have a rich snippet that makes search engines more in love with your website. With a breadcrumb rich snippet, there is a navigation when a visitor encounters your website in search engines.

Responsive Design

Maximize your website in all browsers from desktop to mobile with superfast and this make it as the fastest wordpress theme.

Why should the design be responsive?

Google recommends that you use a responsive design. This is so that the website can also be optimally loaded on a smartphone. Here is Google’s recommendation regarding responsive design: Google Regarding Mobile Site, so that’s why superfast make it responsive and make it the fastest wordpress theme.

Social Share

Superfast have social sharing that is equipped with opengraph. Light social share without javascript.
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But if you are bored with how it looks or feel less, don’t worry this theme has full support for Jetpack’s sharedaddy, so you can just activate Sharedaddy Jetpack and automatically the share button will be replaced with Jetpack’s Sharedaddy.
Social Share

Opengraph Integrated

Superfast Integrated with opengraph meta data and twitter metadata card. So that it ensures your share works well on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. And it really fast and we called it the fastest wordpress theme.

Unlimited Color

Starting from the header to the footer all your colors can change. For example, you can change the black header and change the white menu or vice versa, all you can do is via the customizer.
Unlimited Color

Related Post

Superfast also have related posts, which you can change the number of posts and taxonomies and it was the fastest wordpress theme.

If you are bored with the related display, you can install Jetpack related post, all you need is to activate the related post from Jetpack, related post theme will be replaced with the Jetpack related post. The related post running very fast, and this is why most people called it as the fastest wordpress theme.

Most fastest wordpress theme

Do you know that website speed is a factor in SEO. Even some researchers revealed that visitors prefer to be on a website with fast access, and this them is the fastest wordpress theme.

One of Google’s algorithms is: site speed. Site speed reflects how fast the website responds to other web requests such as google bots to index your articles.

You can see the results of this theme speed, with only a little optimization:
Google Speed Desktop - fastest wordpress theme

Google Speed Mobile - fastest wordpress theme

GTMatrix Score - fastest wordpress theme

Pingdom Score - fastest wordpress theme

So this is why it called, the amazing fastest wordpress theme.

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