Tutorial How to Install Linux CentOS

Tutorial CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) dibuat dari RedHat Linux, Distro Linux disempurnakan untuk server.
Dalam artikel ini, saya akan menjelaskan cara menginstall CentOS 7, Artikel ini di khusus kan bagi anda yang masih belum mengetahui atau sama sekali belum pernah menyentuh Linux. Continue reading "Tutorial How to Install Linux CentOS"

Wine 32bit Installation on Centos 7

This guide will teach you to Install Wine 32bit Wine 1.8 On Centos 7
Since version 7, RHEL has only x86-64 version. The same for CentOS 7. In CentOS 7/EPEL, there is only package for Wine x86-64. However, many Windows .exe files are 32bit. Even there are 64bit versions for some software, their installation file is 32bit. And for some certain software such as Office 2007, 32bit wine is preferred. Continue reading "Wine 32bit Installation on Centos 7"